– We do not guarantee the waterproofness of phones after a repair is done
– Dr. Smartphone/Macbook is not responsible for data loss, make sure your device is backed up before sending it in for repair
– Dr. Smartphone/Macbook is not responsible for the loss of accessories. (Please remove all accessories like cases and memory cards from your device and take them with you)
– My device is out of official warranty and I understand that a successful repair cannot be guaranteed and my device might stop working during a repair attempt by Dr. Smartphone/DrMacBook. I will not held Dr. Smartphone/MacBook liable if I receive my device back in a non working state or in a state different then I supplied it to them.
– I will pick up the device within 1 month after i receive a notification the repair is done or Dr. Smartphone/MacBook has the right to sell my device to recover the cost. If I cannot make it ontime I will notify Dr. Smartphone/Dr. MacBook Terms & Conditions Post Device Repair
– Dr. Smartphone/Macbook warrants all repaired parts for a minimum of 3 Month unless notified otherwise
– Dr. Smartphone/Macbook only warrants replaced parts and work done. Problems occurring within the warranty period outside the scope of the repair are not covered
– Dr. Smartphone/Macbook warrants liquid damage cleaning/repairs only for the value of the work done and parts replaced
– Customer agrees the device is delivered back in good working condition. Please test all functions before taking it back. Non functioning parts that have not been replaced/repaired by Dr. Smartphone/Dr. MacBook are not covered by warranty.