iSlice MacBook Air

Upgrade your 13 inch MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Retina fast and cheap with 250GB!

8Mobility iSlice enables the seamless use of up to 250GB Micro SD Storage in your Mac Air or Pro, saving you lots of money in the process. It is convenient as the card can be used in your phone as well, and future proof (up-gradable!)
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Upgrade Pricing options

Below are just a few of our upgrade options to choose from!
macbook-air-2011-logicboard repair
MacBook Air 13 inch
5 Years Warranty
128/256GB + 200GB Additional Storage
iSlice Card Reader included
Free Cleaning + Cooling Paste
Compatible: MacBook Air 13 inch 2010/17
Plan Upgrade
MacBook Pro Uni 13/15 Inch
5 Years Warranty
128GB SSD Boot drive
CDROM Bracket + old drive (320/500GB)
Price includes Installation
Free Cleaning + Cooling paste
Compatible: 2010/12 MacBook Pro Unibodies 13/15 inch
Plan Upgrade
Macbook Liquid Damage cleaning 2013 - 2015
MacBook Retina 2013/15
5 Years Warranty
1TB SSD Storage Upgrade
SSD M2 Drive + Converter
Installation Included
Free Cleaning + Cooling Paste
Compatible: MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013/Early 2015
Plan Upgrade