MacBook Air 13 inch Late 2010/Mid 2011 Repairs & Upgrades

The MacBook Air 13-inch Late 2010 uses Intels Core 2 Duo CPU supported by 2 or 4GB of RAM and 128 or 256GB of SSD Storage. This model was the first with an upgraded housing and multitouch trackpad. The 2011 model is quite alike with a CPU upgrade to Core i5 and i7. They both use the Magsafe 1 charge port.

Parts Replacements

Below you will find a list with all parts available for replacement

Liquid Damage Cleaning

Dropped liquid on your Mac? Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Service can fix that!

Logicboard Repairs

Apple says you need a new Logicboard? Let us try to fix it instead!

Software Problem?

Your Mac stopped working after an OSX update? We can help you out!

Out of Storage?

We can help you increase the storage space

Running Hot?

Use our cleaning service to bring your Mac back to life!

Available part replacements

Display Assembly MacBook Air 13-inch Late 2010/Mid 2011

This is the display assembly for the MacBook Air Late 2010/Mid 2011. It comes with webcam integrated and WiFi antenna. Installation is reasonably difficult as the logic board has to be removed to place the display properly. Installation time is about 130 minutes to 1 hour. Can;t do it yourself? Plan an appointment with our technician instead.

Note: this display can be used with every MacBook Air model from 2010 until 2017.

LCD Only Display MacBook Air 13-inch Late 2010/Mid 2011

This is the LCD only for the Macbook Air 2012/2013 A1465. Due to the complexity of the repair our installation service is 2-3 days. If you want to perform this cheaper display fix, make sure the metal display assembly is not damaged or it will not be possible to install it properly.

Battery for MacBook Air 13 inch Late 2010/Mid 2011

The MacBook Air 13 inch battery is compatible with all MacBook models upto 2017. It can be replaced by yourself within 5 minutes with ease with the included screw drivers. Our technician can also do the battery replacement for you, plan an appointment anytime!

Keyboard for MacBook Air 13-inch Late 2010/Mid 2011

The MacBook Air keyboard is compatible with all models starting from 2010 upto 2017. It is difficult to replace as it is pop nailed to the frame. If you are not experienced it is better to leave this up to our repair technician who can do this job within 1 hour. When ordering make sure to order the correct language with your frame. A US keyboard i.e. does not fit a UK frame due to a different shaped Enter key.

Trackpad for MacBook Air 13 inch Late 2010/Mid 2011

This is the Trackpad for the MacBook Air 13-inch 2010-2011. You can replace it after removing the battery, it is pretty easy to do and might take you 20 minutes or so. When replacing the trackpad always also check the trackpad cable for possible damage. If you cannot do this job yourself, let our experienced technician handle it for you and plan an appointment today!

Fan for MacBook Air 13-inch Late 2010/Mid 2011

The fan for the Macbook Air 13-inch 2010/2011 is compatible with all other 13 inch MacBook Air models and can be easily installed by yourself. You deed need some special screw drivers to get the job done. Our technician can also help you out if you don't feel confident enough!

I/O Board for MacBook Air 13 inch Late 2010/Mid 2011

The I/O Magsafe Board for the MacBook Air 13 inch Late 2010/Early 2011 has multiple functions. It supports 3 ports, audio, charging and USB. The installation of this part is not very difficult but without prior experience it might be a more daunting task that you might want to leave to our technician instead. You will need some special screw drivers to remove the screws!

Important: the 2012 and up models uses a different I/O board with Magsafe 2 port!

Speakers for MacBook Air 13 inch Late 2010/Mid 2011

After the removal of the bottom plate the MacBook Air 13 inch speakers are easy to replace by yourself. This repair will take about 20 minutes of your time. When ordering make sure you order the correct speaker, the left and right are not the same! If you are not sure if you can do this yourself please use our repair service instead and plan your appointment today!

SSD drive for MacBook Air 13 inch Late 2010/Mid 2011

The MacBook Air SSD upgrade is available in 128GB and 256GB original Apple. Alternatively you can buy a compatible drive from Transcend that will go up to 1TB capacity. The installation is very easy and can be done within 10 minutes. Not sure how to copy all your data over to your new drive? If you use our service we will install not only the drive but also make sure all your data is copied from the old drive.

Note: this drive is ONLY compatible with the 2010/2011 MacBook Air!

Other parts for MacBook Air 13 inch Late 2010/Mid 2011

Need any other parts missing above? Check out our webshop (link on the right side) and find any part you need. Of course you can also plan an appointment to have a free checkup on your Mac if you are not sure what is wrong with it.

Minimum 3 Month Warranty

Dr. Macbook Thailand provides a minimum of 3 Month up to 5 years warranty on our repairs and replacement products.

Free Checkup

Not sure what is defect? In most cases we can troubleshoot the issue within 15 minutes. We will not only tell you what is wrong, if you are interested, we will also show you what is wrong and what needs to be done try and repair the issue. We have no secrets, you are free to watch our repair anytime.

Fast Turnaround

With the exception of logicboard repairs and LCD replacements most of our repairs will be done on the spot, while you wait!