MacBook Logicboard Repair Training - Basics

Our MacBook repair training is for those people who are interested to start a business repairing MacBooks. We will learn you what equipment to use, how to use it and how to troubleshoot and eventually repair MacBooks.

Learn MacBook repair on-the-job, in sunny Thailand!

During our 3 or 6 day training you will work with us on repairing MacBooks. We will guide you through the most basic steps of troubleshooting logic boards and give you the knowledge to start repairing by yourself in no time. 3 days would be the bare minimum to learn the basics, however we do recommend the 6 day program. Anyone who is interested in fixing MacBooks, or other laptops can do this training. The training is meant for people with no prior experience and knowledge of electronics is not needed!


We teach you what equipment to use and when. Soldering irons, heatguns, ultrasonic cleaners, fume extractors and more!


We will teach you how to troubleshoot a dead MacBook!

Reading Schematics/Soldering

We will teach you how to read a schematic diagram and how to solder.

Making Money

In the end, you will be able to repair a MacBook and make money, as that's what it is all about!

Pricing plans

We have a 3 and 6 day plan. The 3 day plan will give you a good headstart but more self education will be needed. During our 6 day training plan you should be able to troubleshoot and fix the most common MacBook problems!

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Quick Start Plan
3 x 8 hours
What equipment to use
Reading a Schematic
Basic troubleshooting
Basic Soldering
No Customization
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Advanced Plan
6 x 8 hours
What Equipment to use
Reading Schematics Advanced
Advanced Trouble Shooting
Advanced Soldering
Customizable Plan
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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. Do I need to have electronics knowledge?

No you don’t! What you do need is a brain and the intention to use it. Anyone who really wants it, can learn how to repair electronics.

2. Should I choose 3 or 6 days training?

If you have some basic electronics/soldering knowledge, or like to educate yourself via i.e. Youtube (watching Louis Rossman’s video’s will get you sorted!) then 3 days might be ideal for you to get a headstart. For those with no knowledge we recommend the 6 days training. We will be able to learn you more and also customize the training to your request. Want to learn more soldering, then that’s what we do!

3. What are the training hours?

For the 3-days training we can plan any 3 consecutive working days, starting from 09:30AM – 18:30PM. The 6 day training will be from Monday to Saturday at the same time schedule, with an option to spend 1 extra hour on Saturday before opening time to work on whatever you like.

4. What is included in the training?

Our course includes 8 hours per day “on-the-job” training. This means we are doing our job while training you how to repair Macs and you will be working with us on the actually repair cue. This is not a super structured training in a quite classroom. We do have to talk to the occasional customer if it is busy (yes you can learn from that too) and will adjust our schedule along the way. If a hectic working environment is not something you can handle, this might not be the job for you… ;)!

5. What is not included?

All other expenses like food, accommodation and transportation are not included. We are always willing to help you sort out accommodation near our office and inform you about the best places to have a nice meal!