Macbook Pro (Touchbar) Repair & Upgrade by Dr. Macbook Thailand

Dr. Macbook Thailand offers Macbook Pro Repair nationwide with free pickup return service and 6 month warranty.  We repair both hardware as well as software and use only quality components. If your Macbook Pro display is cracked we can help you fix it fast. Busy in office? No problem, we pick up your Macbook, fix it and return it back you you working so you can be busy with more important things. We can also repair liquid damaged Macbook Pro’s. If you have any problem, call us today for a free check of your Macbook Pro.

Some of the Macbook Pro Repair we offer at Dr. Macbook Thailand are:

– Display replacements (within 1-2 days)
– Battery replacement (Original & A-Grade OEM with 1 year warranty)
– Logic board repairs (with 3 month warranty)
– Harddrive and memory replacements
– Liquid damage repairs (Done with high quality Ultrasonic Cleaner)
– Touchbar replacement for the new MacBook series

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