Macbook Air Upgrades by Dr. Macbook Thailand

With Macbook Air Upgrades from Dr. Macbook your Macbook will be running fast again. After a few year of use new applications might request more performance from your Macbook. Instead of buying a new one you can also consider upgrading your old trusted Macbook. Extra memory and maybe a solid state disk can bring your old Macbook to live again. Usually even the processors from a few years ago have enough performance to run all current applications and tasks you throw at it. What is more important is enough memory and a fast harddrive, preferably Solid State. This will make your old Macbook run like a new one. It might be wise as well to add a new battery in the mix, as after a few years the old one might start to degrade and loose its capacity fast. Dr. Macbook Thailand provides the following Macbook Air upgrades:

- Harddrive upgrades
- SSD (Solid State Disk) Upgrades
- Memory upgrades
- Battery upgrades


Macbook Air upgrade

Macbook Air upgrade disk