Macbook Air Repair by Dr. Macbook

The Macbook Air Repair Service by Dr. Macbook Thailand is the best way to get your defect Macbook Air up and running again. Dr. Macbook Thailand offers a free pickup and return service in all of Thailand. We use the best quality parts and give you a minimum of 3 month warranty on your Macbook Air repairs so you do not need to worry. Dr. Macbook Thailand repairs hardware defects as well as helps you solve OSX software issues. A few of the repairs we offer are:

- Display replacement (within 1-2days)
- Harddrive replacement (ready while you wait)
- Motherboard fixes 
- Liquid damage cleaning (with high quality Ultrasonic Cleaner)
- Battery replacements (we use original batteries as well as A-Grade OEM, 1 year warranty)
- Keyboard replacements
- OSX installations
- Data recovery (question mark folder issue)

Air repair

Macbook Air repair parts

macbook-air-logic board repair