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Crack Device

Let's hope this does not happen, but if it does, contact us ASAP!

Deliver Device

If you come yourself our office is located 5 minutes from Asoke BTS oposite Sukhumvit Metro. No time? We pickup and return in all of Thailand

Repair Device

Before we repair will will inform you on the cost. If agreed, we fix your device fast and professional.

Return Device

We will return the device ASAP after the repair. The repair is backed up with 3 Month Warranty.


Liquid Damage Repair

Dr. Smartphone Thailand has a lot of experience recovering liquid damaged devices.

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We offer a free pickup/return service all over Thailand.

Board Level Repairs

We repair logic boards for all iPhone, iPAD and MacBooks

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Fixing your old phone saves a lot of electronic waste!

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Have a question about the use of your device? Fee free to contact us for some tips.

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We repair your device fast and professional. Feel free to watch us do our magic.

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It can be a dramatic moment when your beloved Smartphone or Tablet scatters to pieces on the floor or worse, drops in the toilet. Dr. Smartphone is there to help you out! With over 20 years of experience in electronic devices we can fix most of the problems you might encounter, both software and hardware. Beside repairing devices we can also help you unlock your device from a provider or iCloud. All our repairs are backed up with 3 Month Warranty and if you need, a free pickup/return service.

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If you Mac does not boot and shows a folder with a question mark, it means it cannot find the boot drive. The cause of this error can be many: a defect harddrive, a corrupt filesystem, a defect HDD Cable or a bad SATA controle IC on the logic board. In most cases we will be able to recover your data. If you have backed up your data, you can try to boot via COMMAND + R and use the Disk Utility to reformat the harddrive. In case the issue is with a corrupt filesystem after formatting the drive you will be able to install the operating system again and place the backup back. If you are not sure what to do, just visit us we are always there to help you maMY
If your Mac has a cracked display with the LCD intact (non Retina), we might be able to replace only the glass. This is a much cheaper repair then replacing the complete display. The disadvantage is that sometimes you cannot avoid getting a bit of particles on the inside of the display if you replace glass only. The perfect solution is to replace the complete display unit, however this will cost a lot more. Want to know the exact cost to fix your Mac's display? Send us an email with a picture of your cracked screen and the model number and we will quote you the exact price. Display repairs are usually done within 1-2 days.
Yes in most cases we do. Apple replacement parts are recovered from defect devices and there are not many "copy" parts available in the market. Also it is a misunderstanding that non original parts are always bad. Apple does not produce any parts themselves. I.e. the display of your iMAC is from Sharp and not from Apple. A replacement display bought from Sharp therefore is just as good as the "original" Apple part. If we use non original parts, we will inform you about this and also these parts are backed up with a minimum of 3 month warranty.
Yes they do exist! We are proud do be one of them. We will always tell you the truth about your Mac's problem and if you do not believe us it is good to know that our checkup is free of charge. We do not mind if you bring your Macbook elsewhere to get a second opinion as well. We are also willing to explain you in detail what has to be repaired and why, you are free to come into our workshop for a detailed technical explanation.
Dr. Macbook can pickup your defective Mac anywhere in Thailand. If in Bangkok usually we can do this the same or next day, If you live far out on an Island it can take 1 days more. If we arange a pickup for you, you will have to pack the device yourself. It is important you pack your macbook very well with a lot of bubble foam and a double layered carton box. We work with exclusively with Kerry Logistics for this service.
Do you want to sell your Mac?
Dr. MacBook can help you sell it, we charge only a 10% resale fee.

Gallery Before – After

Cracked iPhone 6 display. We have replaced the iPhone 6 screen with our A-Grade high quality replacement display.
Cracked display, replaced professionally and fast with a high quality A-Grade display with 3 month warranty.
This iPAD 3 dropped and got its digitizer scattered to pieces. We replaced it with a new one.
This classic Tab got quite beat up, no worries, our team got it running in no time.


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