MacMini Repair & Upgrades by Dr.Macbook Thailand

The Dr. Macbook Thailand MacMini Repair Service makes sure it will be up and running in no time backed up with our famous no nonsense warranty of 3 Month. No time? No worry! We pickup your Mac Mini, repair it, and deliver it back in not time no matter where you are in Thailand. Our repair service only uses high quality parts that we back up with 3 month or more warranty standard. If you Mac Mini is defect we offer all repairs possible to make it work again. We offer repairs & upgrades like:

– Logic board repair
– Harddrive replacement (ready while you wait)
– Overheating issues
– Fan replacements
– Bluetooth/Wifi fix
– Liquid damage repair (with high quality Ultrasonic Cleaner)






MacMini Repair & Upgrades MacMini Repair & Upgrades fan replacement MacMini Repair & Upgrades